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Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet the Trainers: Jill

AFAA Certified - Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Certified - Personal Trainer
American Red Cross - First Aid, AED, Infant, Child, & Adult CPR

Jill with her daughters, Makaila (left) and Alexis

I am the proud Mom of Makaila (Moo) 6 years old and Alexis (Sweets) almost 4. I am also so proud to say Stroller Strides has been apart of our lives for the past 6 years now. Wow, how time flies! =)

Not knowing many Moms after the birth of our daughter Makaila, I decided to try a SS class when she was four months old. I loved it of course! Buffy's class (for those that didn't know Buffy, she was an amazing instructor along with another that originally brought SS to Hawaii) was the second class I took. For those that knew her, need I say more... I started out as member, became playgroup leader, and then an instructor. I have been teaching now for over 5 years. I have taught SS classes in every location on the island. I sure do love it on the Leeward side. =)

Just a few facts about me... I have been living in Hawaii for 20 years now. After high school, I went away to college on the mainland & then transferred back to school in Hawaii. After school I worked for American Cancer Society for 2 years, and then for United Airlines as a flight attendant for 6 years. In 2001, 6 months after we met, my husband Bryant whisked me away to New Zealand to watch him do his 1st Ironman Triathlon. Off the subject, that is where he proposed. =) How inspiring to see an Ironman Race! Wow! Ever since then I have been doing triathlons right along with him. I have competed in many Sprint & Olympic distance triathlons, and done 3 Half Ironman Triathlons on the Big Island. The one year I was signed up to do Ironman New Zealand, I got pregnant with Makaila. Our suprise angel! I have done many running races, to include 4 half marathons, and 2 whole marathons. We still try and get our races in throughout the year, but not nearly as many we were doing before our girls. That is still a goal of mine, to complete an Ironman Triathlon! =)

I am truly blessed to be apart of Stroller Strides. Fitness is my passion! As long as I can continue to show others that they can reach their true potential in whatever their fitness goals may be, I will be out there saying, "abs tight, only one more set, push it ladies!" What amazing women and children I have met over the years. I am so thankful for all that Stroller Strides has brought into our lives.

Alexis and Makaila