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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New ownership

Stroller Strides Leeward is changing hands.  We are sad to see Sarah pass the torch, but happy to see Joni take the reigns.  Here is a message from Sarah:

"Ladies, it is amazing the support and understanding I have had from all of you regarding the sale of Stroller Strides, as you are as invested in the program as I am.  With CAREFUL thought and countless interviews, it became clear that Joni Stimpson is meant to be the OWNER of Stroller Strides.  I have had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Joni, and enjoy her spirit, dedication, understanding and excitement about the Stroller Strides program and people.  Joni has not only exhibited all of the attributes that will make her a good owner, she is also an inspiring mother.  As I prepare for family separation, I know that Joni will be there for me as a boss, friend and fellow mother.  I have discussed this decision with our instructors, and we are all very excited and support Joni as she makes the transition from member to owner.  A few notes:
(1) It will take a couple of months to complete the transition.
(2) The program will be unchanged.  Class will continue as normal and payment as normal until further notice.
(3) Joni would  like your input, so please email her with any ideas

Welcome to Joni!!  We are so glad that Sarah will remain one of our instructors and so is not really "leaving," just taking on a different role within the company.  Stay tuned for a note from Joni, and her "mom spotlight."