Welcome to FIT4MOM, Central Leeward Oahu

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The transition is complete!

the "official" handing over of the paperwork

~The final transition for the SS Leeward change of ownership is complete, so all checks this month should be made payable to "Joni Stimpson," and for all membership payments going forward.

~Credit card payments will go through slightly later than normal this month, and you will see a charge to Keep Fit rather than SFH.

~All questions regarding membership, vacations, classes, schedules, etc. should be directed to Joni from this point on.  Joni can be reached at joni@strollerstrides.net

Leis for Joni to celebrate the new ownership of Stroller Strides Leeward Oahu.  Congratulations Joni!!!