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Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet the Trainers: Rayna

Hi! My name is Rayna and I have a wonderful husband in the Coast Guard. We have one son named Kai and he will be 2 years old in May. I met my husband, Mike, here on beautiful Oahu. I will have lived here for 6 years in July.

I have been an active person since junior high. I did not like competing in school but I ran the country roads of Iowa to keep in shape and to stay focused. I did compete in Olympic weightlifting for a couple of years as a young teenager and gained a lot of knowledge about strength training. I was the first female lifter to lift at the Junior Nationals. I took up road racing in my 20’s and really enjoyed it because it isn’t as competitive and people from all walks of life are usually there. It didn’t matter how fast or slow I was. We were all there together.

I worked as a surgical technologist until I delivered and made the decision to stay home. While I was pregnant I continued to run up until the day I delivered. After delivery, I did some running to get the baby weight off while breastfeeding. I started to do workout videos but it was not cutting it because I couldn’t stay disciplined to do it every other day. I got into Stroller Strides about one year ago to get back into shape.

I wanted something that would encourage me to do a challenging workout while being with my baby. Stroller Strides was my answer. I wanted my body back and Stroller Strides has helped me toward that goal but it has also led me to some great moms and friendships.

I am so excited to be teaching Stroller Strides and look forward to meeting new members and getting to know everyone a little better. I am also working on my Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management. Now that I am an instructor I want to remain one since it is such a great portable job that I can take anywhere!