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Friday, March 26, 2010

Final Friday Class!

How cool is this logo? Kapolei Park is a giant square, so it's doubly appropriate!

We're settling into the routine of Final Friday class and I hope you are seeing improvement and proof that all your time at class is paying off. (And if it's been hard to come regularly, let this be your motivation!) As I glance through the cards, I can definitely see that you are getting faster and stronger.

Congratulations to Catherine, Michele, Angela S., Kim G., Rosy, Laurie, Stephanie C., and Heather who have been at all 3 Final Friday classes. Keep it up, ladies!

Final Friday is a huge team effort -- first of all, thank you to all 36 moms who attended class today. That is almost half the members in the franchise. You rock! Big thanks to Kim, my co-instructor today, who brought her vastly superior music player to class and has me converted -- music is a must on Final Friday!

Playgroup is its own post and I'll be posting photos soon from Rainey, who generously offered to take photos for us today. But for now, HUGE mahalo to Beth and Sharon. They organized everything, stuffed eggs, brought craft, and helped out with Furlough Friday kids during the mile run. Final Friday is all about Playgroup and they do an awesome job.

Have a great weekend!