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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mom's Night Out!

Standing, left to right: Tarah, Susan, Maria, Rachael, Joni, Lauren, Idanies, Teresa, Rayna, Margene (aka Sandra Bullock), Stacy, Kim, Michaela, Heather. Seated, left to right: Liz, Bobbie, Jessica, Stephanie

We had a FABULOUS night out at Wai 'olu restaurant at the Trump Tower in Honolulu. We had a lovely view of the city and the restaurant was perfect for a large group. We were able to mingle at the couches on the lanai and felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves. Kudos to Liz and Margene for such a great choice! Highly recommended if you're looking for somewhere special to eat and relax in Honolulu.

Teresa, Stephanie, Heather

Jessica, Stacy, Idanies, and Rayna

Kim, Margene, Susan

Maria, Bobbie, Rachael

We were all pleasantly surprised to have a perfect view of Honolulu's Friday night fireworks show!

But was the night over? Oh no! After 3 hours at Wai 'olu, we headed to Ward Center for the 10:15 showing of Sex and the City 2. Not many of us have seen that side of 10 o'clock lately and when the movie ended at 12:45, there were lots of comments such as "Abby has soccer in 7 hours!" and "the baby wakes up at 6 AM." Definitely a late night, even for me, a well-established night owl!

Thanks to everyone for being part of a great night out!