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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kailua Beach Park

You may have noticed in the June newsletter that Leeward members now have membership privileges at Kailua Beach Park. As of June 1, I have partnered with Usanee Forrest, an instructor at Kailua, to serve as co-owners of the Windward franchise. Usanee will teach all classes while I handle admin.

If you have friends on the Windward side, please let them know that Stroller Strides at Kailua is undertaking a fresh start and that we'd love to have them try out a class at Kailua. It's a beautiful location and probably one of the most attractive places in the country to take a Stroller Strides class!

And if you're headed to Kailua for the day or just interested in a day at the beach, then I hope you'll make your way to Kailua to meet Usanee and all the other moms on the Windward side.