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Monday, June 14, 2010

Member Monday

Aloha, my name is Jennifer and I live in Ocean Pointe and attend the OP class. I have two boys, Nickolas (3) and Tyler (1). I have lived in Hawaii for 7 years. I met my husband in Southern California 8 years ago. Prior to living in Southern California my husband had lived in Hawaii (but is from Wisconsin) and always talked about how much he missed the Islands. I had never been to Hawaii but always wanted to visit. For my birthday he surprised me with a trip to Oahu. After spending a week here I knew this is somewhere I would love to live. We went home to California, sold all of our belongings and moved here 4 months later.

My goal when I started Stroller Strides was to get off the rest of my baby weight and improve my running time. I have met the goal of taking of the baby weight but am always working on the running. I would like to participate in more races this year and try to improve my time.

I love going to the beach, running, reading and spending time with my husband and boys.