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Friday, August 13, 2010

Rock Climbing MNO

Lisa R, Tarah, Teresa and Lisa G

We had a fantastic turnout for rock climbing at Volcanic Rock Gym in Waipahu -- 23 moms! It was fun to see so much interest as we begin to mix it up for MNO.

One of my goals for MNO is to try new things, stuff that would be scary to do alone or just not on your radar. I think rock climbing succeeded on all counts. While not all of us loved it (some just had to give it one go to quickly know that they did NOT like heights), others found themselves totally enamored with such a different way of working out. (Jenna, I'm looking at you!) But no matter how much you liked or hated rock climbing, we did it with friends. I will fondly remember standing in the "crows nest" with Tarah, Debbie, Liz and Susan as we all looked at each other and nervously got ready to start our descent.

There were a lot of us in the gym and I'd like to thank the VRG staff, Justin in particular, for being very gracious and literally helping us "learn the ropes." Check out Jenna moving up the wall with her harness.

I loved belaying down the wall and can literally say that I know I trust Margene with my life. Spent a lot of time in the "cave" trying to master the angled walls too. I never achieved Tasha's level of proficiency though. The girl was made for rock climbing. This photo is looking straight on -- it takes some serious upper-body strength to hold on to the grips like this.

Go Monica!

We saw a guy cross the entire cave upside down from grip to grip. If I could have just landed one hold from this position, it would have made my night.

Thank you to Lisa R and Monica for sending pictures along!

Next month's MNO is with Pearlside Boxing at Hawaii Self Storage in Kapolei, Friday September 17 at 7 PM. Class is limited to 20 participants and 9 spots remain. RSVP via Evite today!