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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Survey Results

Thank you for your Survey responses! Fifty-two Program surveys were completed along with an average of 20 surveys for each instructor. It is very helpful for me to hear from the franchise as a whole and to receive your feedback!

Survey says: We are going to be hard core about starting and ending class on time from this point forward. This is not a widespread problem, but it is a simple thing to tweak and make perfect. It will help ALL of us if every member makes it a priority to arrive at class on time. I know that life happens (particularly with kids!), but if you're consistently arriving 10 minutes late, find a way to shift your schedule so that you can take part in all of the warm-up, abs, etc. It helps us as instructors if the class isn't trickling in over a 15-minute period.

We're very pleased to see that out of our Survey respondents, 80 percent of you are "So satisfied you could burst" (a high threshold to be sure!) and the remaining 20 percent are "Pretty well satisfied" with a few suggestions for us.

It's just about unanimous -- you are in Stroller Strides to 1) get in shape, and 2) to make friends. No surprise there! We're working hard to add to our roster of outside activities and help make class more interactive for you and the kiddos. Yes, that means singing! Help us out ladies and sing those songs along with us:=)

We got some great ideas for Mom's Night Out and it's heartening to see that most of you are eager to participate. Only 8 percent are too busy. It's mostly a childcare issue with so many late-working or deployed husbands.

One clear message: you want to eat out. Or go to the movies, do a spa night, game night, and so on. So Restaurant Club is back and we're aiming to have at least 1 Fitness and 1 Leisure MNO each month.

A combined quarterly class is on the agenda -- we'll hold an Instructor Extravaganza every 3 months, because as one member wrote "It's a great way to see who is a SS member, touch base with those you don't see often, and catch up on franchise-wide news in person."

And finally, for the member who wants us to do more push-ups:
You are a girl after my own heart!