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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Host Family Wanted!

From Sarah

Hello fellow Stroller Strides Moms,

Due to a new job and upcoming move to Colorado, we need to find a new host family for our exchange student from the Czech Republic. He's 17, loves guitar, beach volleyball, hiking, camping and scuba diving. He's courteous and easy going. He's scheduled to be here for only the first semester and therefore will be leaving January 1st. We will be able to continue hosting him through at least the 15th of October. I thought with so many of you enjoying the outdoors, sports and being overall nice sociable people you might like to host? If so and you'd like more information please check out the website or call Barbara Bancel, Co-ordinator with International Hospitality Center: 808-521-3554 and let her know you're interested in being a replacement host family for Sarah Pursell. Thank you for thinking about it:)