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Monday, September 13, 2010

Member Monday

Hi everyone my name is Sheena! The Navy brought my Dad, Mom, Sister and me here in 1996. We lived in The Waterfront (Iroquois Point Military Housing at the time). Luckily my dad's job kept us here for 10+ years.

I met my husband Wes in 2004, we got married in August 2008 and had our first daughter Isabella Marie on April 2, 2010 -- a Good Friday baby:)

I first heard about Stroller Strides from my good friend Gwen. I was excited to hear that there was going to be one at the Waterfront, which is where I attend class every Tuesday and Thursday. I also try and attend at Kapolei some MWFs.

I love to go shopping and spend money I don't have! hahah... Although I'm not that great I love to take pictures and post them all over my house and drive my husband nuts... he tells me we have too many frames up. I love to run I just need to build myself back up and be able to run long distances again... Stroller Strides is helping me do that, I enjoy my Stroller Strides time and I look forward to meeting everyone and getting in shape and wearing all my "small" clothes hanging in my closet... heeeheee....