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Monday, September 20, 2010

Member Monday

Hi, my name is Heather and I'm a proud Mom to two very active boys, Christian (age 5) and Casey (age 3). I attend the classes at Schofield, CORP, and Kapolei sometimes just to change it up a bit! =) I've been stroller striding since Christian was about 9 mos. old and have been striding wherever we've moved ever since. ;)

We've been living in Hawaii (Mililani Tech Park area) for almost two months and absolutely love it!! I feel blessed to live in such a gorgeous location!! What brings us here is my amazing husband's 21 year Navy career (we're giving it another 3 years and then probably wrapping it up). It's been an incredible ride (we've lived in Naples, Italy, Pasadena, MD, San Antonio, TX and San Diego, CA). I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and would love to live there again, so we'll see...

BC (Before Children), I taught high school English for 8 years and loved it... loved warping the minds of our youth (j/k!) but now I'm lucky enough to take a break and enjoy my boys at these once in a lifetime ages!! Stroller Strides definitely helps keep a sound body and mind needed daily and I give a lot of credit to moms for hanging in there! ;) It's not easy!!

My fitness goals are to just tighten up, lose some pounds, and keep the spirits up throughout the process...and not over-obsess over it... Besides swimming, reading, and hanging with my boys, I enjoy anything educational and fun, learning new things, hanging with my family and friends anywhere, and kicking back with a sunset...

Looking forward to making some new friends here and getting out of the house for some fun MNOs!