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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TumbleBus Tuesday

TumbleBus came to class this week for our inaugural tumbling lesson for the kids. It was an introductory kind of day so the kids got to do free play on the bus with Michael and Mia. Sara loved it! She's quite the monkey and she loved the rings (as you can see).

After getting to see the bus in action, I think it's best suited for the 2+ crowd who will be taught a formal lesson by Michael and Mia from this point forward. (The younger kids can get involved if they have mom on the bus with them during lessontime, though.)

I envision TumbleBus day as a peaceful time for us moms to chat in the shade outside the bus while the kids tumble away to their hearts content.

Each class costs $10 and it is on a drop-in basis. The kids each received a TumbleBus tee shirt after class and some fun stickers and hand stamps.

Lining up for sticker time!