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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party!

Angela, "Hawaiian Tourist," playing soccer during Stephanie's cardio station.

We had a great time at the Instructor Extravaganza and Halloween party this past Wednesday. So many moms and kids rocked class in costume! We had Sue Sylvester, Lady Gaga, the Crocodile Hunter, and a variety of pirates, fairies, firemen, ladybugs, and all sorts of other creative costumes.

Joni, Rosy, Michaela and Stephanie taught at one of four stations -- core, lower body, cardio, upper body -- and the class rotated through the park two times. Special shout-out to Amy who did step-ups and played soccer while wearing a Renaissance-style dress!

"What the heck is my mom doing?" (Watching our soccer game, I think.)

Getting ready to make witch's brew with Beth!

Daphne's darling little parrot! Mom was a pirate, of course.

Announcing our prize winners! Funniest Costume went to Angela (Hawaiian Tourist) and Tarah (Lady Gaga). Scariest Costume winners: Lisa (Sue Sylvester) and Margene (pirate). Best Couple: Debbie (Crocodile Hunter w/ kids) and Daphne (pirate with parrot). Most creative: Stacy (referee with Jack as Eli Manning) and Summer (spam musabi). Best overall to Gloriana for her chicken and chick costume. (I think knowing that she went to Safeway before class dressed as a giant chicken tipped the balance in her favor!)

Rosy, Joni, Stephanie and Michaela. You have to be impressed with Michaela's homemade baby skeleton painted onto her shirt!

Alexander on his way home. That's all folks!

Special Thanks to Rainey for taking pictures of our class and party! Rainey is a member at Ocean Pointe and she has done family portraits for many of us here at Stroller Strides. View her photo gallery here! Rainey can be reached at raineychase[at]cox.net.