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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pole Dancing MNO

Group photo after class.
Clockwise, from the floor:
Tarah, Susan, Karina, Tasha, Joni, Amy, Patti, Rainey, Amber, Angela

Well, this was a different sort of MNO! As a person with no rhythm and a horror of looking silly, pole dancing was not an easy fit for me. I am amazed at how everyone else really wanted to do this! And they were good!

Isn't this an amazing shot?
Here's Tarah on our final move of the night, the "Peter Pan."

Even though I started off the night feeling totally ridiculous and couldn't even complete the first "Goddess Glide," by the end of the night a new sense of possibilities had settled over me. I even went to Wal-Mart afterward with a different (sexy?) spring in my step. Sliding up and down a pole will do that for you!

This is what I was good at -- laughing!

Tarah and I tried to demo our moves on the basketball pole after Tuesday's Waterfront class, but alas, you really do need a proper pole to spin:=)

Thanks to all the women who joined us for this highly unique Mom's Night Out. OP was particularly well represented!