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Monday, December 20, 2010

Member Monday

Hi there, my name is Mary. I’m wife to my high school sweetheart Keaka and mother to Hannah (3), Jacquelyn (18 months), and sometime in the next 4-7 weeks our last little blessing.

I was born in Georgia and have had a home there and a home here in Hawaii since I was 1. My dad had a job with the military where he had training on the East Coast half a year and then was back here.

We were homeschooled and were able to go with him as a family. I consider both states home. My husband was born and raised here. We both grew up in Mililani and met when we were 17.

I attend Kapolei mostly, but have plans to try all the locations near our Ocean Pointe home. I like swimming, biking, and hiking. I hate running; however, my husband is an avid runner (just finished his fourth marathon) so I’m going to use him to get into running. My ultimate fitness goal after I have this baby is to compete in triathlons. I’ve always been “fit” but having three babies in four years can really tank your fitness level. I’m giving myself 2 years after the birth of this child to get back in shape and I’m super excited to have Stroller Strides as my partner in accomplishing this goal!!