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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Playgroup at SCH and KAP moved to Friday

Due to the rain, and an unexpected trip off-island for Nadine, we are going to move Playgroup to this Friday at our combined Kapolei class. This gives the ground a chance to dry, plus it will be fun to make gingerbread houses with the kids on Christmas Eve.

Schofield moms, we've asked all the Kapolei moms to bring a candy item to decorate the houses with. Beth and I will provide the graham crackers and frosting. If you have a small cardboard box (such as a small milk carton or whipped cream container), bring it since that will help keep your house upright, but it isn't required. M&Ms, gumdrops, licorice whips, jelly beans, and Hershey Kisses are all some fun decorating options. You only need to bring one!

OP moms, this is your chance to do 2 Playgroups in one week:=) If you can bring a candy item as well, that would be great.