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Monday, February 21, 2011

Member Monday

My name is Liz, I have two children, Isabel who is 6, and Ian who is 3. I attend SS at CORP, since it is the closest to where I live in Aiea.

My husband is in the Army, at Ft. Shafter. Our home base is Washington State. We first moved to El Paso, TX, then Columbus, GA, and now here to Hawaii. We've been here since March 2010, so almost a year. Luckily we'll be here for another 2 years.

My life is very centered around my children and family. I love to come up with ideas that I can do to enrich my kids lives about things around them. I love to take them on hikes, beach, and especially museums. I also love to do crafts with them.

When I do have a moment to myself I do one of three things, I'll watch the Food Network for cooking ideas (love, LOVE to cook), or I'll work on one of my millions of projects that I have stashed in the closet (currently working on a block quilt with my sisters via mail), or I'll curl up with a book picked out of the huge pile that I always manage to bring home from the library but never manage to finish by the time I have to return them.

Six years ago I was depressed, after having my first child, at how little my energy was and how my body would not let me eat a piece of delicious, scrumptious chocolate cake without suffering for it later. So I bought a running stroller to start exercising around the neighborhood and.... I gave up. Its extremely discouraging, not to mention boring, to exercise by yourself.

Fast forward 2.5 years, another baby and an extra 30lbs later. I was at a Mommy play-date and overheard an Army Mom saying that she needed a running partner because she had osteoporosis and needed to run 4 times a week. My hand shot up like lightening and before I knew it I was running 4 times a week, with 3 other women who have been a HUGE inspiration to me. They are some of the best, fabulous women I've known in my 31 years of living. They are the ones who inspired me to have a goal of running a marathon and completing a triathlon (crazy, I know). So that is why I joined SS. LOVE the companionship, and getting that warm feeling in my heart when I see other moms share in the same goal of becoming strong and beautiful both inside and out.

I can't express how happy I've been the past three weeks. Thank you to everyone, especially the trainers for helping me feel the worst pain in my life, but still love every minute of it.