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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Class & Egg Hunt

Stroller Strides took over Central Oahu Regional Park this morning! Thanks to all the moms and dads who came to work out and compete for the Grand Prize ... the much-coveted Aloha Salads Gift Card!

(Runners-up all received a canister of Plum Organics Super Puffs. Yum!)

We had eight teams of 4 circuiting through the park to collect tickets at each station. Mom's job was to move through the stations as quickly as possible in 30 minutes.

The fun began with Stephanie (30 push-ups/dips), then on to Michaela (walking lunges), Alexa (20 rows/presses), Maria (100 step-ups), and ended with Kim (three hill sprints).

The fastest moms were able to make it through the circuit twice. It was a hot day at CORP and I could see that the stations took most of the juice out of everyone!

Our winning team had 5 members (8 teams of 4 is 32 people, but we ended up with 33 participants), so Team 8 had 1/5 of their tickets "canceled." They still won, however, so congratulations to Liz W., Liz O., Trish, Summer, and Melanie. They all won a $10 gift card to Aloha Salads.

On to the egg hunt! A huge thank-you to our Playgroup Captains Gia and Lindsey for stuffing eggs and helping to hide them with all the instructors. It was a fantastically successful egg hunt -- tons of eggs for all the kids to find!

I'll share if you want me to?

Check out all my loot!

Thank you to everyone who came today! I love combined classes and getting to see all the locations together as one. Even though you probably don't know everyone in SS like I do, I hope it helps everyone see how many other moms are out there in this area, engrossed in the "mommyhood" and loving fitness too!