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Monday, April 11, 2011

Member Monday

My name is Melanie and I am mommy to Xavier, 3 years old, and Miarie (Mia) who is 6 months old. I was born and raised in Hawaii but moved away to Las Vegas in 2000 to attend UNLV where I obtained a degree in Finance. I met my husband there and in 2007, at 8 months pregnant, the Army relocated us back to the islands. We just recently bought a home in Kamakana at Hoakalei near Ocean Point in Ewa Beach but class time there is just too early for us so we attend CORP and Kapolei on Wednesdays.

I was never athletic growing up so in high school I started working out. Do you remember buns of steel (hahaha)? I did it all. Exercise has been a passion since then. Over the years I became interested in women's body building and would like to one day enter a competition. I tend to focus on low-repetition, heavy weight exercises in the gym and so it is actually very challenging for me to do lower weight, higher repetitions/longer duration holds in Joni's awesome Wednesday class.

I used to be an AVID Stroller Strides mommy with Xavier around 2007-2008ish and I loved how SS pushed me beyond my comfort level (and still does). I gained 50 pounds (yikes!) with my first pregnancy and could not believe I gained that much weight and I was determined to take it off. Going to the gym alone wasn't working so when I joined Stroller Strides at that time I actually shed off all the weight and then some.

Being pregnant for the second time I continued to work out at the YMCA and tried to keep my weight gain to a minimal. But lo and behold I again gained 50 pounds. I am so glad I rejoined Stroller Strides. In just a few weeks, I already feel my body transitioning and my energy level increasing I have never done so much SQUATS in my life as I have done in these past few weeks...I can't believe I can still walk:) Everyone has been so motivating and I appreciate that cheering on one another is encouraged so much. I hope to one day keep up with everyone, lol.