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Monday, May 23, 2011

Member Monday

Hi! I'm Heather and attend the Kapolei Stroller Strides with the love of my life, Madeline (6 mos). I lost 8 lbs my first month at Stroller Strides thanks to a combination of the workouts and a healthier diet. Woo hoo! My goal is 30 lbs.

I'm from California and have spent most of my adult life being very active for work and play. I studied exercise science, was a director of group fitness, taught classes and personal training, then moved on to working in rehabilitation in a span of 12 years.

I decided I wanted to try corporate life, which I did... got a big office with a great view and a big black leather chair to cater to my big 'ol butt. haha. I gained 30 lbs in 2 years sitting behind that desk! Although fun, corporate life was not for me. I came out to Hawaii and attended Hawaii Healing Arts College and am now a massage therapist.

Because of my background I have a tendency to be selective when it comes to fitness programs. I am incredibly happy with Stroller Strides. The workouts are focused and make sense, the instructors are motivating and knowledgeable, and all of the students work hard. Love it! Makes my day every time!

I met Justin, my husband and best friend, out here in Hawaii. We love every moment of being on island. For fun we love to dirt bike, snowboard, skate, wakeboard, just about anything that takes us outdoors.