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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wear RED! and other 4th of July Info

Friday July 1 is our combined class and 4th of July party. Please wear RED!

Class begins at 8:45 at Kapolei. (No class at Schofield.) We will have a warm-up and then look over the two Circuits that you will be moving through at class. Please be on time to see the Circuits explained:=)

The Circuits will be a variety of exercises that you will move through at your own pace. After completing each Circuit, you'll collect a 4th of July sticker. Your goal is to collect as many stickers as possible.

I'll have different "divisions" to award prizes to the top finishers, such as "Double Stroller" and "Newborn Baby Division." As we all know at SS, our kids' ages have a lot to do with our energy levels!

Class will be followed by watermelon, a 4th of July parade, and some fun toys and activities for the kids. We will also be announcing the winner of the June Attendance Contest!

The following women are qualified for the drawing:

Melinda, Andrea F., Trish, Melanie, Sara R.,
Alyssa, Tarah, Liz S., Kathy, and Jenna.

If your name is not on this list but you think that you qualify with 11+ classes in June, please let me know so that I can double-check the attendance records.