Welcome to FIT4MOM, Central Leeward Oahu

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet Our Newest Instructor!

Trish is the newest instructor at Leeward! She will be training for the next 4 weeks and you will see her at Kapolei, CORP, and Schofield. Welcome aboard Trish!

Hi! My name is Trish and I am married to my awesome husband Jake. We have been married for four years and have two wonderful kiddos.

Our daughter, Riley is almost three and our son Gavin is 18 months.

I am originally from the East Coast, but have moved frequently throughout my life. I have lived everywhere from Texas to Europe. I have been in Hawaii for eight and a half years, and now consider this home, as it is the longest I have ever lived anywhere (plus, my husband has lived here his whole life and both of our children were born here, and we have NO plans of leaving anytime soon).

I was quite athletic in my high school days, playing every sport imaginable. I also lifted weights, hiked, swam and never really turned down the opportunity to be active.

After getting married, and putting on too much weight with two (pretty much) back-to-back pregnancies, my body was in horrible shape. I started running on my own, but the chaos of motherhood often got the best of me, and I couldn’t consistently make time for myself to exercise.

I tried getting back to the gym, I tried yoga, I tried it all. But the one thing that was hard was finding the time. I hated the thought of putting the kids in childcare so I could work out; but I was often too tired to go at the end of the day when my husband came home from work.

Then, I discovered Stroller Strides (in November 2010). The single best thing that has happened IN.MY.LIFE (besides, of course, my husband and my kids). Stroller Strides has helped me get rid of all those extra pounds I was carrying around. It solved my childcare issues. It has given me back a confidence that I thought was gone forever. I am in better shape NOW than I was when I got married. And as an added bonus, I have met some phenomenal mothers, and some very inspirational women, who I am honored to call friends.

Stroller Strides has been the beginning of what is now a whole new lifestyle. Fitness and nutrition are priorities to me now. It has pushed me to exceed goals I had previously set for myself. I am constantly renewing that desire to push harder, go deeper, and become stronger than I was yesterday.

This is ALL because of Stroller Strides. I have been so inspired by the results I have seen in myself and in others. I knew that I had to take what I have learned and what I have worked so hard for and put that effort right back into helping others achieve their fitness goals. I cannot wait to continue on this journey as a Stroller Strides instructor.