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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Schofield Fourth of July 5K

Maria, Debbie, Liz O., and Bobbie

Thanks to Maria and Debbie for the following report and pictures on the Schofield 5K!

SS mamas that ran the 5K were Maria, Bobbie (with the stroller & her 7-year-old daughter Hailey) , Debbie, Liz O (double stroller) and Catherine (double stroller with 3 kids!).

Liz W ran with her girls for the fun run but was injured so couldn't do the 5K.

Emma & Hartley ("HVW"), Emanuel, James & Emma, and Hannah & Jack 'ran' the 1-mile children's Fun Run.

Catherine with Hannah

Maria and Emanuel

Liz and HVW

Debbie and Emma

Hailey placed 9/22 in 17 & under age category!

Catherine placed 6/33 in the 20-29 category and was the first stroller to cross the finish line. She ran a 7:47 mile WITH the stroller. Amazing.

Debbie finished seconds behind Maria (again, amazing) and they were 17/18th out of 42 in our age category. So she ran a 9:32 mile at 7 months pregnant!!

This is such a fun race because it is literally in our backyard and all our kids/husbands can attend. Bobbie, Liz O and Catherine's husbands are all deployed which is an even further testament to the strength of these women.