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Monday, August 15, 2011

Member Monday

Hi, my name is Katie and I attend the Schofield Barracks Stroller Strides because it is right down the street from where I live in the "woodies" on post.

My husband is in the Army and we were so excited to come to HI. We have now been here for a year and I still feel like everything is still so new.

I love to shop and travel. However, they can sometimes be very expensive habits, so I also quilt and do other crafty things with my hands. I love to get out and explore new places and see new things.

I need a little more motivation to work out than just wandering outside by myself. Stroller Strides is the absolute perfect group for me to do this. I have no idea why it took me a year to finally get over and join up. However, now that I have gotten into it, I am very glad that I finally did!

My primary exercise goal is to slim down enough to fit into the pile of summer clothes in my closet that I cannot quite fit into yet. I also have some tummy areas that need some toning for the ever-lasting bathing suit season!