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Monday, September 12, 2011

Member Monday

Hello, my name is Marna, I am 33 years old, I was born & raised in Rhode Island and moved to Connecticut when I was 18.

While living in CT, I met my husband, Scott. We've now been married for 12 years and we have 4 beautiful children.

Logan is 9, in the 4th grade. Wade is 7, in 2nd grade. Kaylee is 4 (will be 5 on the 28th), in Kindergarten. They attend Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary. And our little Mack, surprise of our life, will be 1 on the 13th.

We live in Catlin Park, Navy housing, near the airport. We have been in Hawaii since December 2008, and are about to enjoy some shore duty right here in Hawaii for another 3 years....so very exciting! Our nearly 14 years together have consisted of 10 years of sea duty...this Mama is ready for a rest!

I am a Registered Nurse, my background has been in Emergency, Interventional Radiology, Subacute rehabilitation & long term care. After graduating nursing school with my associate degree (nearly 9 months pregnant with Logan), I worked part time after having him until we moved here in 2008.

Once we arrived here, I started my Bachelor's degree program & finished last summer, about 3 weeks before I gave birth to our sweet Mackie. (Apparently, I have a theme!) I love Nursing, but my focus is my family. Recently I've been feeling drawn to the preschool near my house, my daughter attended there & I have been thinking of substitute teaching. I love kids & I think that I would enjoy it. Who knows?

My fitness background started early, growing up with two active parents, involved in softball, my days on the softball field truly began before I can recall.
I began playing softball, basketball, soccer & eventually cheerleading. I played soccer & softball in high school until my junior year, but my love for cheerleading prevailed & I actually made the All-State team in RI in my senior year. After high school, my activity in sports was nonexistent, so I opted for intermittent stints at the gym.

With an extra 15-20 lbs on me since my early 20's, I have struggled to get this weight off all of my adult life. Luckily, I've remained active enough to just have the 15-20 lbs to worry about. I have had 4 successful, beautiful pregnancies & deliveries, for which I am grateful. Now that I am done with childbearing, I really want to try to shed the excess. My main goal is to be a positive role model for my children. I want them to see how to take care of their bodies. My second goal, if I may be vain for a minute, is to flatten my tummy. I'm not looking to be a super model by any means, but a slimmer version of me would be awesome! I have always struggled to follow through with at-home workouts. Stroller Strides is the perfect solution to my workout dilemma. I currently attend SS at CORP, but am planning on adding Kapolei to the mix, too. So far, I love it and feel like I can stick to it!

Since returning from vacation in early August I have been working on my nutrition (& my family's). I've read Tosca Reno's book The Eat Clean Diet, and have been inspired. I am cutting out the excess sugar & white flour. I am eating 6 small meals per day & I can say that my energy has already improved. I consider myself to be a total foodie, so 'Operation Eat Clean' as I'm calling it isn't always easy, but what can I say, I'm a work in progress!

When I'm not carting around kids, doing laundry, cleaning or helping with homework, I love to read, sew (simple stuff....curtains, placemats, etc.), swim, walking (especially with my whole family) & cooking (particularly baking).
Here's hoping for a strong finish to my year. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome to this awesome group! Aloha!