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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meet our Newest Instructor...

Hi, I’m Melissa and I have been living in Hawaii for a year now. The Army moved us here after some fun tours in Maryland, Germany, Virginia, Florida and Washington State.  My husband Brennan and I have been married 10 ½ years. We met in our home state of Massachusetts, at UMASS Amherst. We have two beautiful children, Colin who is 5 and Kaitlyn who is 3.
April 2011
I always considered myself to be an athletic person, until I got pregnant, that is. Pregnancy seemed like my excuse to eat all the time and not be active. Colin was born and I was so discouraged with my weight gain, I hid my scale in the closet. When I got pregnant with Kaitlyn it was back to the same old habits of unhealthy eating and excuses to not work out on a regular basis. Before I knew it I didn’t recognize myself in photos anymore,  I was embarrassed of the extra weight and at how unmotivated I was.

When we moved to Hawaii I knew I couldn’t continue down this track and teach my children this unhealthy lifestyle of mine. A good friend recommended Stroller Strides to me. I was skeptical at first, unsure of what it was exactly. My first class was all it took, I was hooked!  How on earth could all these ladies do push-up after push-up and I can’t even do one?  I could not run a lap and I could not do squats without resting.  But despite my initial insecurities of being the slowest and the weakest in class, I reminded myself that I needed this change.
Stroller Strides has been such a wonderful support group to me and I am very thankful. I  am excited to start instructing and help others achieve success in fitness and in life. See you at class!
October 2011