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Monday, April 9, 2012

Member Monday

Aloha! I’m Jennine, and I started coming to Stroller Strides—Kapolei and CORP—on April 2. I am so excited to have found such an inspiring group of women. I had thought Stroller Strides was just a running/power-walking group, but then my friend who goes to SS Ewa was talking about lunges, and I was like, “They do lunges?! I need lunges!” So, here I am.

About 7 years ago, I moved to Hawai’i for grad school, and ended up meeting my husband, Allan, 3 months later. I’ve been here ever since. We have two sons—Noah, who turned 2 in January, and Miles, who just made 3 months. I have been teaching elementary school here for the past 6 years, but have decided to take a year off so I can really enjoy my kids, and so we can spend some extended time in the Boston area (where I’m from).

As a family, we spend a lot of time at the beach. I also enjoy doing volunteer work and traveling. I was pretty fit and active until my first son was born, but since then I really haven’t been prioritizing my own physical well being as much as I should.

After just 1 week at Stroller Strides, I feel so motivated to get back in shape. I want to build my strength and stamina, and make exercise a daily habit.

Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and friendly. That positive camaraderie really makes Stroller Strides extra special and fun.