Welcome to FIT4MOM, Central Leeward Oahu

Monday, April 16, 2012

Member Monday

Hi. My name is Laura and I am excited to be a new member of Stroller Strides. I started attending classes at Hickam and CORP at the end of March and have really enjoyed the classes and camaraderie. I moved to Hawaii in May 2009 when my husband became stationed here and we live at Ft. Shafter. After moving, I soon became pregnant with my first child so my exercise goals took a back seat while I adjusted to life as a new mom. Just as I was starting to get back into exercising after my son was born, I became pregnant again! I now have two beautiful little boys – Robbie who is 2 years old and Andrew who is 10 months. As you can imagine, they keep me very busy. I learned about Stroller Strides through a friend and thought it would be a great way to get back into shape.

Prior to having children, I was an avid runner and have 3 marathons under my belt. Now my family takes up most of my time and finding time for even short runs is difficult. I thought that Stroller Strides would give me the structure and extra motivation to get back into running shape. While I don’t see another marathon in my near future, I would like to run one of the many other races in Hawaii before we move next summer.

Thank you for welcoming me. I’m excited to meet other moms and be part of the Stroller Strides family.