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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Honolulu Marathon

4 moms at Leeward Oahu ran the Honolulu Marathon on Sunday... Fit Moms Rock! Congratulations to the women who rocked it.

Stephanie (OP)
Stephanie (CORP)

From Stephanie, OP:
"I had a great first marathon experience. I finished in a time of 3:51:48. I felt good most the run. My quads started to hurt around mile 23 and I slowed a bit. Running back up Diamondhead Hill Road was not fun either. But I finished strong."

Rayna, Michaela and Stephanie came to class today at CORP (active recovery?!) and we were able to get as close to a group shot as possible. Since the marathon had at least 25,000 runners, no one was able to meet up at the race.

from left to right, Michaela, Rayna, Stephanie

From Rayna:
"I personally felt very strong throughout the race and did not hit any "walls." I ran a strong 9 min mile most of the time. But I finished strong and I already want to do another one!"