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Monday, April 19, 2010

Member Monday

Aloha! My name is Christie and I have a beautiful 10 week old daughter named Sam. My husband Scott is in the military and that is how we ended up here in Hawaii. We have been here for almost 4 years and LOVE it here. I think we would stay forever if we could.

In our spare time we love to hike around the island and hang out on the beach. We can't wait for Scott to get back from his latest deployment so we can be a real family! I attend Stroller Strides in Kapolei and love every second of it. OK, maybe not at the time, but definitely by the time class is over! I would definitely not push myself the same way working out alone. I had lost nearly 30 lbs in the two years prior to getting pregnant with Sam and Stroller Strides helps to keep me on the right track!