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Friday, April 16, 2010

Daytime LEAN Class Now Available

The Spring session of LEAN will now be offered on Wednesday mornings as well as Tuesday evenings.

I have taught LEAN in the day and evening. It is easier to focus on the material at night, and for this reason I recommend the evening class. However, a big part of LEAN is learning that the "best choice" isn't always practical, and for many of us, having someone home in the evenings to watch the kids is not possible.

A daytime class is a lot more do-able for the bulk of you, and we can still accomplish a lot in 8 weeks. (Plus, I won't have to clean my house for class!)

* LEAN will be held after Wednesday class @ Kapolei Regional Park, 10:10–11:30.
* Classes begin Wednesday, May 5 and end Wednesday, June 23.
* The session fee will be reduced to $119 since we will not be able to cover as much as in the evening session.
* We'll find a cozy section of the park, lay out our blankets, bring a picnic lunch and let the kids play while we go over the material.
* Class needs a minimum of 5 participants to run.

Register here if you are interested.

I am also extending the Early Registration deadline to April 23 for the evening session since we have so many new members this month.

I really believe in the principles behind LEAN. Being healthy and fit is not just about the exercise. It's about your relationship to food, your behaviors, and your habits. I hope you'll join me!