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Monday, June 28, 2010

Member Monday

Hello everyone, my name is Jasmin and I have one child, Hugh (who turned 1 year old this month). I moved here to Hawaii from Philippines 3 years ago to join my husband, Michael, a Clinical Child Psychologist.

I live and attend class in Kapolei. I just joined the class a month ago. I am not really good at exercising, but I would if given a chance. I would usually take my son for a few rounds in the park every day before i joined Strollers Strides. If I would have known about Strollers Strides before, I would have joined right after I gave birth, because I love it and I am hoping to get back in shape.

I am staying home right now taking care of my son. During my spare time, I crochet hats and embellishments to sell on Ebay. And right now I am starting my Stampin' Up business.