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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cane Haul 5K

From left to right, kneeling: Rachael, Teresa & Lauren, Stacey
Left to right, standing: Bobbie, Alison & Sydney, Maria, Margene, Lisa R, Liz, Betsy, Chet & Taylor

Teresa organized a group run for the Cane Haul 5K in Waipahu and as you can see, it was well attended by Stroller Strides. Congratulations to all who participated!

In particular, Margene and Liz both placed in their age group, 1st for Margene and 3rd for Liz.

Teresa writes that some of you mentioned at class that you would have run in the Cane Haul if you had known about it. In the past, I've organized SS for a few "big" runs and the smaller runs have been ad hoc.

But now that we have our Facebook page, it will be much easier for members to organize events like this! Be sure to "Like" our page since it will allow all of you to coordinate races and other events without having to go through me. It's a powerful tool and easy to use if you're on Facebook.

Thanks again to Teresa for putting the Cane Haul together and for sending along a picture!