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Monday, August 23, 2010

Member Monday

Howdy! My name is Sara and I am "Mommy" to Ethan who is almost 8 months old. I live in the Waikele area and primarily attend the CORP and Schofield locations.

We just moved to the Island in June from west Texas. I am originally from the Houston area and have never lived out of state, although it took close to 10 hours to drive across Texas from Amarillo to Houston to visit my family, so I might as well have lived in another state!

I have been an ER nurse for 5 years but am now staying home with Ethan since we moved here. My husband just graduated from medical school in May and is stationed at Tripler while he completes his residency training in ENT/Head & Neck Surgery for the next 5 years. He spends a lot of time in the hospital and with his nose in the books, so I have been thrilled to make Stroller Strides a part of my life, not just for the fitness aspect, but also for the opportunities to socialize with other moms.

I enjoy watching movies (especially chick flicks!), jogging, hiking, going to the beach, and hanging out with my husband and sweet baby boy. I was always athletic in high school and college, but I found it more difficult to be consistent working out once I became a nurse, especially when I worked nights. My goal with Stroller Strides is to make exercising a normal, consistent part of my life so that I can become physically fit and set a good example for my son. I have enjoyed and continue to look forward to meeting other moms and getting fit together!