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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Conference Report

It's a Stroller Strides vacation! I am living it up at the Dana Hotel in San Diego where it's a 3-day fest of exercise, business ideas, and best of all... no bedtime routine (except for me) and no COOKING! That may very well be the best part of all:=)

I'm having such a good time taking class from Lisa Druxman and Farel Hruska, the exercise mavens of SS. There are going to be so many great upgrades to our classes at Leeward. I love their creativity!

I'll be posting pictures when I return home on Monday. I miss you all and I am just so excited to share the vision of how Stroller Strides really DOES give us all "The Strength for Motherhood"!

p.s. Last call on any retail items. The store closes at 2 o'clock, or 11 AM in Hawaii.