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Monday, October 25, 2010

Member Monday

Hi, my name is Melissa and I am married to John. Our children are Katelynn- 3yr, Quincy-11mos, step-daughters Haley-13, Ricki-11, Camryn-8, who unfortunately live in Wisconsin.

John is active duty with the Army. We were last stationed in Kansas and we are Alaska residents. We live at Ocean Pointe in Ewa Beach since September 2009. We will be here for another 2 years.

I enjoy the outdoors. Winter is my favorite season and I love rain....did I say I live in Ewa? Haha. I enjoy being outside. I fall victim to the TV like most of us, however, it is my least favorite thing in my house. I love swimming, hiking, boating, RVing, wine tastings and good beer. Wood carving, working with stained glass, remodeling and construction are also things I find myself enjoying as well.

My goal for Stroller Strides would be to meet people that I want to hang out with outside of Stroller Strides. My fitness goal is to be in shape and a good role model for my 4 girls and son. I want them to know that fitness and nutrition is part of our daily lives not something someone else cares about. I have had 2 children naturally and have no stretch marks...so living in Hawaii I told myself that I will get into a bikini and walk the beach and enjoy it.