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Sunday, October 24, 2010

National Conference 2010

When I came home from San Diego and the Stroller Strides National Conference, my son Caleb said, "Mommy, did you do Stroller Strides the whole time you were gone? You must have been so happy!"

Yes Caleb, I was! But beyond the chance to learn new material and improve my business, it was a weekend spent with friends from Corporate (shout out to Colleen) and reunite with other franchisees. No one "gets it" like your fellow Stroller Striders!

Every morning at Conference begins with a Stroller Strides workout. We have to pretend that the babies and strollers are there, of course, but it's always such a great chance to learn how to mix it up at class and entertain the kids. Then all day Friday was spent on Business issues, and Saturday is about Class. I loved the Abs workshop in particular. Abs -- the final fitness frontier!

Me with Lisa Druxman, the founder of Stroller Strides.

I stayed an extra day for the Body Back training, the newest program to be offered by Stroller Strides. Women love the group support of Stroller Strides and then are left wondering "What's next?" once the babies are out of the stroller. I'm in the same boat since Sara is nearly 4 and my oldest two never come to class anymore.

Well, Body Back is next! I am so excited to offer this program. It is the perfect combination of the best of Stroller Strides: awesome interval- and circuit-based classes, LEAN, and our Fitness Assessments. I took 3 Body Back classes in one day for the training and let me promise you that I was pushed to my very limit.

After Body Back ended, everyone left but me since there are no red-eye flights from San Diego to Honolulu. I quickly became a popular lady since I had the only room left and no one wanted to fly home without a shower. So I bargained a ride over to In-N-Out Burger in exchange for shower privileges:=) I used to work there years ago before heading off to college and I think it says a lot that I'll still eat there after being an employee. Mmmm, such a yummy dinner. It almost felt wrong to eat a hamburger and fries after all that working out, but it was my last chance for another year.

Ah no, I'm wrong! Next year is Stroller Strides' 10 Year Anniversary and so Conference is a little different next year. YOU are invited! And we are going on a 7-day Disney cruise! We'll be sailing from Los Angeles to Mexico. More details to come in the next few weeks.

So, after spending 3 days living and breathing Stroller Strides, let me share that this company really is about "Giving Moms the Strength for Motherhood." We do this business because we love it. There was so much power and energy at Conference and I came home inspired by all my fellow franchisees. All of us have to worry about the mundane, boring stuff like insurance and taxes, but what really inspires and motivates us to offer Stroller Strides is to see you get fit and healthy. Fit Moms Rock! It's a wonderful world to be a part of and I love it!