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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Enhanced Instructor Training

Last Saturday at Kapolei Park saw all of the franchisees and instructors on Oahu working out and learning from Farel Hruska, the National Fitness Director for Stroller Strides. It was awesome!

We began with a one-hour Stroller Strides class with Farel. Oh boy! You don't get to be National Fitness Director without having some serious creativity and it was such a hard as well as interesting workout. And very Go Go Go! Since I teach most of my classes at Kapolei, I also got to see the park in a new way. There are so many possibilities that I hadn't thought of before!

After our workout, we had several lectures, such as ways to make class even more fun for baby and how to incorporate abs into everything we do (I know you'll like that one). It's all about creativity!

Special shout-out to all our pregnant and newly delivered instructors: Becky (Honolulu) and Jill, 5 months along, and to Lauren, who brought 5-week-old baby Luke and her mom to help care for him. That's dedication! Rayna came for a section of Training as well even though she gave birth to Tyler just one week earlier. I'm telling you, these women love Stroller Strides:=) Naturally we didn't have Rayna work out but she was able to meet Farel and catch the Abs workshop.

Here are a few photos from Exercisepalooza -- aka "A Ton of Tubing Ideas." Imagine doing two Stroller Strides clssses in a day and you'll be able to imagine some of the grimaces and exhaustion going on. We all slept very well that night!

All of us love Stroller Strides and what it can provide for moms. Health, fitness, community, friendship -- we all began as members and loved it so much that we are now instructors and franchisees. I loved being able to go back and be a member again with my fellow instructors who are such great friends.

We learned so much and it will only benefit the franchise and all of you with even better classes and a new sense of energy. Thank you for coming to Hawaii, Farel!

Back row, left to right: Becky and Michelle (Honolulu), Rosy, Farel, Joni, Lauren and Luke, Jill. Front row, left to right: Rachel (Honolulu), Emily and Usanee (Windward), Stephanie, Michaela