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Monday, November 8, 2010

Member Monday

My name is Shannon and I have two girls, Kylie (almost 3) and Keira (7 months). I primarily go to Kapolei but need to kick it into high gear and go to CORP as well. I've lived in Hawaii my whole life and am just a local girl looking to shed the baby weight.

I love to golf and play tennis but haven't been doing much of that. I also love to SHOP and would love to be a smaller size so that I can do more and more shopping! I've always been heavier but when I'm my "ideal" size I love my curves and feel great. Not looking to be bone thin or lose all my boobs:)

Stroller Strides helped me lose a lot of weight about a year ago and I am turning back to it to help me once again. Have to train my body to do what my mind wants it to! Thanks for all the support and inspiration. I'm looking forward to reaching my goals and feeling great again!