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Friday, November 5, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Update

Week 1 is underway for the Get Fit Challenge and it has been such a fun week!

I love seeing all the comments on Facebook when we announce the day's MVPs, and I really love seeing all of you at class! We've had some huge classes this week -- nearly 20 on Monday at Schofield, Tuesday at CORP, and Friday at Kapolei. Keep it up!

Everyone who is participating will receive a Points total this weekend, as well as a Top 5 list of the top Points earners. Right now, I expect to see a lot of ties. After all, there have only been 5 classes to attend so far. The real challengers will begin to emerge around weeks 3 and 4.

Competition is fierce with 31 women participating in the Get Fit Challenge, so read and apply your daily GFC email, attend class, and rock this holiday season!