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Friday, December 31, 2010

Get Fit Challenge Winners!

From left to right: Jen, 1st Place. Betsy, 2nd Place. Tarah & Heather, 3rd Place. Bobbie, 4th Place. Sheena, 5th Place.

Our two-month Get Fit Challenge has come to a close and what a journey it has been! We had some incredibly dedicated competitors and everyone who came to our final Fitness Assessment class got faster, fitter, and lost inches. During the holidays! Wow!

First Place goes to Jen (WP), who earned a mind-boggling 85 points by attending class every single day (weekends included) from November 1 to December 31. She also lost over five inches by eating right in addition to all that exercise. Congratulations Jen!

Second Place goes to Betsy (KAP), another fierce mama who attended 34 classes over the past 2 months, lost inches, and even brought her husband along to class this past week. She came in with 63 points.

Third Place was a tie between Heather (SCH) and Tarah (KAP), who were just one point behind Betsy at 62 points. Heather attended every weekday class (42 total!) we held for the past two months.

Jen wins a $100 grand prize, Betsy has the month of January for free at Stroller Strides, and Tarah & Heather are both invited to pick out any tee or tank from the Stroller Strides retail store.

Honorable Mention goes to Bobbie (SCH) and Sheena (WP), who placed 4th and 5th, respectively.

We also recognized Betsy for winning the most MVP mentions (7 total), and to Jen for most inches lost and most classes attended.

Tarah earned 1 extra point for having the fastest time on the Step-up Challenge (3:45), beating Alyssa by just 3 seconds. Lisa R had the most full sit-ups (31), Alyssa had the most push-ups (41), and Sonya did the most squats in 1 minute (84).

Congratulations to everyone! No matter your "points," it was so thrilling to see that everyone who attended class regularly and came to the final class for their measurements lost inches and got faster and stronger. What a way to begin 2011!