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Monday, January 31, 2011

Member Monday

My name is Karin. I have a 9 month old son, Kameron, and we attend class at OP.

We came to HI about 18 months ago with my husband's job (the Army) and lived in Kaneohe until we recently moved to Ewa.

I was an elementary teacher for 3 years and worked as an EA on the island for a year, but stopped working after my baby was born. Now I just hang out at home.

I love playing soccer (but haven't in a while) and have a lot of TV shows that I'm addicted to. I mess around with photography, enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, have 2 dogs, and I'm a grad student at UH (and looking forward to getting my master's in educational administration next year).

Before pregnancy, I was really happy with my health, weight, and activity level, but it's been very hard for me to get back into an exercise routine again. My goal is to become healthier, stronger, and build back some of my running endurance. So far, Stroller Strides has been just what I've been looking for! I already feel like I'm making progress and am looking forward to more great workouts :)