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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanks to all our Valentines!

Rosy, Jill, Joni and Stephanie

Oh, the fun we have with all of you! Thank you for coming out to our Valentine's Party and sports extravaganza on Monday!

Nearly 40 women from the Waterfront to Mililani came down to Kapolei Park to celebrate the holiday together. I don't know why, but this Valentine's Day has me all a-flutter with love and happiness for life, fitness, and Stroller Strides!

We had kickboxing, soccer, volleyball, track-and-field, and mud wrestling for stations. (Wait... mud wrestling just sort of happened. We didn't put that station together!) Yes folks, the park quickly become nice and muddy with 40 moms and strollers pounding it into oblivion from 8:45 to 11. (Sunday's rain didn't help matters.) You should have seen the card-making station at 11.

Decorating sugar cookies that my husband made all day on Sunday.
He is an honorary Mom for having done so!

Decorating Valentine's Day cards. Stickers, crayons and construction paper.
What more does a kid need?

Working on Valentine necklaces with Miss Nadine.

Eating said cookies. I'm sure Sharara is thrilled that we introduced
Shaheera to all this white sugar at class!

The Stroller Strides Masters Club (ha ha). Sharara has been doing SS since 2007. That is crazy! Jill has been teaching SS since 2004, and Jess is a relative newcomer at "just" 2008. Had to take a picture since Jess will be leaving us this summer.

Thank you to Sharon and Nadine for helping with Playgroup! Nadine's station was an oasis of order, calm, and non-muddiness with all her blankets and little table. The kids loved this craft. And Sharon sacrificed her blanket to the cause at the card-making station. Just for that, a big round of applause!

Happy Valentine's Day!