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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fare Well

This is a sad week at Leeward. Michaela and Alexa are moving on and headed back to the mainland -- Texas for Michaela, and Georgia for Alexa. Their final classes were both this week.

Michaela has been a part of Stroller Strides for longer than any other instructor (save Jill). When I joined as a member, she was also here as a member, running fast and training hard with Saskia who was just a toddler. We became instructors at roughly the same time and Michaela has been a huge part of our classes at Schofield and CORP. She taught class just two weeks before giving birth to Hayden (not ideal! but very necessary to help keep classes running) and she has been a steady, guiding hand all this time.

Michaela and some of the Schofield moms after her final class.

Maria, Michaela, and Stephanie

We're going to miss you Michaela!

Meanwhile, two days later at Kapolei...

Alexa has been a part of Leeward for just a short time, but I know she absolutely made her mark at OP and Kapolei during that time! Alexa returned to the island earlier this year to welcome her husband, Tony, back from deployment. Their family then had a few months here on Oahu before PSCing to their next duty station. Alexa has been an integral part of helping staff Ocean Pointe during Jill's maternity leave, and I'm so grateful that she was willing to make the early drive into Ewa with two young children in tow.

Good luck Alexa, and please let us know if your time at Leeward helps you make that next step in your fitness career!

Rayna, Alexa and Joni