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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Koko Head MNO

Put all those squats and lunges to the test! Koko Head is 1,048 steps of butt-kicking bliss.

Thursday, May 26
5:30 PM

If you haven't hiked Koko Head before, get ready! This is a hike that would challenge anyone. All that work is rewarded by a fantastic view of Hawaii Kai, Sandy's Beach Park, and Hanauma Bay.

We'll arrange carpools for those who want to drive over together. From Kapolei, we'll be leaving at 4:30.

UPDATE: Of any MNO, this is one where we can help each other out with childcare! Only so many can hike the mountain at once, so please update your RSVP on evite if you would like to attend and bring your child.

We'll work it out so that the moms with children can take turns watching one another's kids at the base of the mountain. There is a large field and the kids can play together. This definitely requires some coordination, so please RSVP and we'll work it out.