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Friday, May 27, 2011


What a fun outing to Koko Head!

Despite heavy traffic and miscellaneous crises that had us arriving in Hawaii Kai at different times, we managed to meet up with one another in small groups and overlap in some measure at the top of the mountain.

Thanks to all the ladies who came out in force!

Lauren, Stacey, Trish, Anja, Heather,
Amy, Alyssa and Jenna (Kapolei)
Tarah and Jen (KAP/WP)
Nikki (SCH/Body Back),
and Felicia (BB)

Nikki, Stacey, Trish, Lauren and Jenna

Jenna, Joni, Jen, Felicia, Anja and Nikki

Amy, *this close* to the top!

Tarah and Alyssa, who helped watch the kids
and then had to hike in the dark!

Thanks to Nikki and Trish for sending along pictures!