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Friday, August 19, 2011

Melinda's Transformation

I plan on an occasional series where we recognize members who have transformed before our eyes at Stroller Strides. Here's Melinda's story!

Hi! My name is Melinda and I am married to the greatest husband and father, Pat. We've been married for nearly seven years and have two kids, Max and Olivia, that keep us busy!

I joined Stroller Strides January of this year, attending the Waterfront classes twice a week while my son was in preschool. Over summer vacation I moved over to CORP and Kapolei and upped my classes to four a week. Once I made that switch I really saw the weight come off. In addition to the working out that made a difference, it was also changing how I ate.

Working out with Stroller Strides has made me pay more attention to what I'm eating and how much! I've eliminated my "weakness" foods such as ice cream, beer, and pizza, only having those on special occasions. And this month I've decided to challenge myself even further by cutting sugar out of my diet.

OK, so I'm finding that the "no sugar" thing will be hard to do all the time, but I've seen a big difference in just a week or so of doing it and plan on keeping it up! I've also found new food combinations that I love and I'm feeling better about eating more healthfully.

Thanks to Stroller Strides I've lost over 20 pounds and a few dress sizes! I now go shopping for clothes and love my shopping experience because I fit into smaller sizes! I've always been overweight which made me have low self esteem and now I just couldn't be happier!!

Before, January 2011

After, July 2011