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Monday, August 22, 2011

Member Monday

Aloha! My name is Mika and I live in Pearl City. I just started attending classes at CORP, but hope to add Schofield...or Pearl Harbor/Hickam someday??...to my calendar soon.

My husband is a local boy (born and raised in Waianae) and is AGR in the Air National Guard so we have no risk of moving away. I've lived in Hawaii for 11 years now and absolutely love it. Previously, I lived in Tucson, Arizona where I graduated from the University of Arizona, but grew up in the farmlands of Illinois outside of Chicago.

I have 4 children in ages that range from 17 years to 15 months. My oldest, Patrick, is a senior in high school and lives with his father in Tucson. My 9 year old, Kainoa, and 8 year old, Kekulalani "Jasmine," attend Pearl City Highlands Elementary. And baby Kaipo, our "surprise" baby, is now 15 months old. He suffered a traumatic brain injury last year that left him visually impaired and with mild cerebral palsy so I have been a SAHM ever since.

I have always been "athletically challenged" and never a fan of exercise. The last time I was on any kind of exercise program was 12 years ago and it just consisted of me walking my dog every morning before work. But a couple months ago, I strained my back getting the baby out of the tub, and I decided I needed professional help to get into shape. I realized that he was only going to get bigger and I was only going to get older so I had better start soon. I would love to lose 40 lbs, but more importantly I want to get stronger and get the energy to chase him around once he learns to crawl and walk.

I'm hoping that Stroller Strides will help me do all that, as well as be a place for me to meet other moms.